Workshop + Talk @ESAD-LAB                                                            03:2010

rux will be lecturing a workshop on interface design for live-visuals performance at ESAD-Matosinhos the first week of April (5 - 8). rux will also present his work in an open to the public talk at ESAD, April 1st.

::go to ESAD-LAB::  
  EyeWriter ShootEm! + eyeGazer apps                                             02:2011

My first EyeWriter apps have just been finished and successfully dem
o'ed at the Japan Media Arts Festival! And featured in a super nice article at the Creators Project blog!!

::watch ShootEm! demo::  ::read @Creators Project::
  Splaf7 at VIA with Matthew Dear and Onra                                         10:2010

Splaf7 will be performing live-visual at VIA Pittsburgh finest Audiovisual festival. Splaf7 will perform two new exclusive sets for Onra and Matthew Dear! stay tuned for surprises!

::go to VIA-PGH::  ::watch splaf7 on vimeo!::
  abunch0fExperiments                                                                      06:2010

abunch0fExperiments has been launched! this will slowly become a repository of some creative coding experiments and exercises i've done and share code, tips and demos!

::go to abunchOfExperiments::  
  INOV-ART + TMEMA                                                                        04:2010

It is oficial now! rux will be spending the next 9 months happily researching and developping interactive technologies and dsigning interactions at TMEMA - Golan Levin and Z.Lieberman studio in NYC. All this only possible thanks to the INOV-Art Program sponsored by the Portuguese Ministry of Culture.
  Saturn Never Sleeps - Berlin                                                            04:2010

rux will be performing for the second time an excluive set for the eletronic experimental jazz project Satrun Never Sleeps - led by world known producer/dj King Britt. Don't miss it at Berghain Panorama Bar - Berlin.

::go to SNS::  ::watch Teaser::
  Saturn Never Sleeps - Istambul                                                        04:2010

rux has just finished developpong an exclusive set and software for the Saturn Never Sleeps european tour and will be performing live visuals along side King Britt and Rucyl + guests in Istambul's finest Ghetto Club.

::go to SNS:: ::watch Teaser::
  dual_blur at Adição+ 09                                                              17:12:2009

dual_blur a+v live-act at Festival Adição+ in Caldas da Rainha. In its 2nd edition Adição+ keeps its focus on performance and presents an exciting selection of artists including Rudolfo Quintas, Hana Kogure, Mariana L Ferreira among others.

::go to Adição+ ::
  Splaf7 premieres at Plano B w/ Apparat and more!                         05:12:2009

Splaf7 is rux's latest live visuals brand. This saturday Splaf7 will be playing his visual synths along with Apparat + Skate, Pinkboy and Rui Murka in Sala Cubo at Plano B - Porto.

::go to Plano B::
  rux + looop-r at HandMadeMusic @Digitopia                                   07:11:2009

rux will demo looop-r and play a dual_blur live act at Handmade Music @Digitopia. The demo's and fun will take place at Casa da Musica, Porto and will begin at 22h. Come, share, learn and have fun with all the portuguese hackers this saturday night!

::go to HandMadeMusic @Digitopia::
  visual_basiq. @ Mortal Bass vs. Dezkalabro - London                       17:10:2009

visual_basiq. will perform live coding visuals at Mortal Bass vs. Dezkalabro Party in London-UK. Line-up includes 26 artists from UK, Portugal, Brazil, Spain, Germany and Polland. October 17th at The Russian.

::see flyer::
  rux now in Porto!                                                                              09:2009

It is now 'public domain' that rux has moved to Porto to work on a secret project!
more news soon!
  TüISt at HCI 09 - Cambridge                                                               09:2009

TüISt research was selected to present at the 23rd BCS conference on Human Computer Interaction in Cambridge-UK. Hosted by Cambridge University and Microsoft Research Cambridge.

::go to HCI2009::
  looop-r on HandMAdeMusic Night - NYC!                                                  07:2009

looop-r will be demoed and presented at HandMadeMusic Night at 3rd WARD _ Brooklyn.
During this session there will be presented Suitcase Sequencers, Handmade Loopers, APC Hacking and Shake That Egg.

::go to HandMadeMusic::
  looop-r + rux on GearWire!                                                                  07:2009

rux and looop-r just got featured on! rux talks on the abouts, hows and whats of the looop-r project in the continuation of a sunny and relaxed afternoon interview in Chicago.

::go to

PsychBolas in Korea!                                                                          05:2009

PsychBolas algorythmic paintings were invited to be part of and are being exhibited at the International Design Exhibition in Busan - Korea - organized and curated by Busan International Environmental Design & Cultural Forum.

::goto Biedfo::

  TuISt on GearWire!                                                                           03:2009

TuIst just got featured on! rux was interviewed and talks on the abouts, hows and whats of the TuISt in a sunny and relaxed afternoon.

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  Brain in the fingers                                                                            03:2009

Brain in the fingers is a new work-in-progress research project. Started as a bunch of notes and sketches in my notebook on gestural vocabularies for multitouch systems. Now it has to finally started being translated into a digital sketchbook.

::go to Brain in the fingers::

TuISt + Loop-r at ACE2008 in Japan                                                      12:2008

TuISt (Transformable uber Interface for STardom) and Loop-r (realtime video loop interface) to be presented at ACE2008 -International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology. Both projects wil be featured in the Creative Showcase sessions early December in Yokohama -Japan.

::go to ACE 2008::

  Rux leaves NYC, Hello Chicago!                                                            10:2008

Rux has left NY and moved to Chicago to start a new chapter in his life as an Interaction designer at IDEO!
  rux presenting at Dorkbot Mexico 014-2008                                              08:2008

rux will be showing some of his interfaces and talk about and how everypone could and should develop their own tools at Dorkbot - ciudad de Mexico. Also presentations and performances by Zachary Lieberman and Alejandro Tamayo.

  Mexico, HAL and Interactivos?                                                              08:2008

rux will be in Mexico City developping a new project for Interactivos?'08- Technologies of Laughter. Interactivos? is organized by MediaLab-Prado + Centro Cultural de Espana en Mexico and will be lead by Zachary Lieberman(US), Leslie García(Mex) and Alejandro Tamayo(Colombia).

::goto Interactivos?'08::
  SoundBird in Korea                                                                           06:2008

Soundbird algorythmic paintings exhibited at the International Designer Invited Exhibition 2008 in Busan - Korea. Organized and curated by Busan International Environmental Design & Cultural Forum.

::goto Biedfo::
  TUIST is on WIRED! (et more!)                                                             06:2008

Tuist has been featured on a couple of blogs lately. To not miss:
WIRED, Gizmodo, DigitalAudioService, DVice and

TUIST is online! + video demo                                                              06:2008

At last! TUIST has its webhome updated with some photos and the video demo is also online!

::go to TUIST::

  ITP Spring Show'08 is here!                                                                  05:2008

another Spring another ITP Show (my last one) and another amazing Thesis week (my first one!). I also developed with Petra Farinha ( some really cool graphics for this year's Postcard and Poster!

::go to ITP Show'08::        ::go to Thesis week::
  T<u>ISt, my thesis!                                                                          03:2008

T<u>ISt is the acronym for: Transformable <uber> Interface for Stardom: my thesis project at ITP! A multi-(pliable)-use musical interface inspired by the mimicking of musical performer’s gestures by people who don’t know how play musical instruments (and perhaps don’t even want to)and our inner desires to feel like superstars!

::go to T<u>ISt (wip!) blog::

{R}ake A/V                                                                                     03:2008

This wednesday(12th) dual-blur performs on the {R}ake A/V night at MonkeyTown -Brooklyn. Expect more amazing performances by Luke DuBois, Lady Firefly, Satoshi Takeishi, Adam Kendall, Jeremiah Cymerman and Shoko Nagai !!

::go to {R}ake A/V::    ::go to MonkeyTown::

  VIDEO AS AN INSTRUMENT II                                                               03:2008

dual-blur will be performing perform at Video As An Instrument II. Curated by Jeremy Slater, this event features an impressive selection of artists in its gallery show and performance nights:(legendary!) Bill Etra, Lo-Vid, Caspar Stracke, CHiKA, Wolfgang Von Stüermer, Chris Jordan and Luke Dubois.

::go to AAVI::
  ITP WinterShow'07                                                                             12:2007

ITP winter Show is here! Don't miss this opportunity to drawn yourself in a turmoil of interactive, conceptual, hilaryous, serious, electronic and not projects created by the ITP community! rux will be showing the Velodrum in action and PushMusicPopMusic musical data visualization project developed with Tim Stutts. And.. the Soundbird too!

::go to ITP WinterShow'07::
  NIME Show + VeloDrum                                                                      12:2007

Velodrum performance will be part of this years NIME class Show. VeloDrum is an human powered sequencer that resulted from the mix of a bike, a piano mecanique and a Roland'808. Feel free to check the wip on the digital_kitchen school blog.

::go to NIME Show::      ::go to digital_kitchen blog::
  BigScreens Show at IAC                                                                      12:2007

After a whole semester developping code for the hugest screen ever, ITP's BIGSCREENS class thaught by Daniel Shiffman will (finally) present its works at the IAC's building.
rux will be showing its Soundbird pixel being! for some wip snipets please check my blog.

::go to BigScreens::      ::go to digital_kitchen blog::
  dual-blur selected by vBrooklyn                                                            12:2007

dual-blur will be mashing-remixing-destroying and recreating Brooklyn's selected media at vBrooklyn. The vBrooklyn video-festival documents Brooklyn, NY's, evolving cityscape, culture and people with contemporary video-art.

::go to vBrooklyn::
  dual-blur performing at Tranzducer.011                                                   11:2007

dual-blur is back in action!
Performing at Tranzducer, a monthly event dedicated to DIY artists and performers hosted by Eric Singer and Jamie Allen on LemurPlex.

::go to Tranzducer::
  dual-blur performing at EyeWash                                                          09:2007

dual-blur is back in town and will be performing at Monkey Town!
don't miss this amazing line-up in NYC's best visual artists gathering organized by Forward MotionTheater in a classy and chill four screens setup bar-restaurant. Performers included: Julyo, rise set twilight and Zuvuya Collective + Zemi17.

::go to Eyewash::

rux's holidays and dual-blur performances in Portugal                                 07:2007

It's that time of the year! rux will be leaving NYC for sunny Portugal. The party isn't over though: before enjoying the warm beaches and green mountains of his homeland, rux will be performing as dual-blur in Porto and Lisboa. Check the links below for more info.

::go to 555::    ::go to Abertura::    ::go to Dezkalabro vs. Tourture::

  HTTP:415=SKIN is alive                                                                      07:2007

HTTP:415=SKIN is a parasite that crawls the web for human skin. Getting his feed/food from IP-Cams, the bug analyses the stolen feed and extracts all the skin present, later painting it in an always evolving mess of skin and human intimacy/life on the web.HTTP:415=SKIN is currently fully functional and looking for a home.

::watch video-preview::

Loop-R featured on VjKungFu!                                                              06:2007

Loop-r (yeah! the old one!) is alive and kickin'! and has just been featured at - the portal for DIY video artists. Check the online video demo and a short interview.

::go to VjKungFu::

  Looop-R at NIME'07                                                                           06:2007

Loop-r's research are going to be shown at NIME’07 (New Interfaces for Musical Expression) conferences at the Demo Session : Tools on 9th June. The project demo will feature Looop-r (the newest prototype) and an amazing multiple outputs setup made possible by Magma’s ExpressBox1 sponsorship.

::go to NIME-2007::    ::go to Magma's website::
  rux performing at Share.NY                                                                  06:2007

dual-blur audiovisual performance will be rux's feature set at the Share NYC meeting - June. If you're around NYC on sundays don't miss this great opportunity of this weekly meeting of media artists, musicians, inventors and the best of people in an experimental open jam.

::go to Share-NYC::
  NEW! A-V Performance                                                                        05:2007

new toys, new games! dual-blur is a new audiovisual performance by rux based on the exploration of accidental footage synchresis and the exploitation of the media control and chaos using the new Looop-r interface A/V version.

::watch dual-blur demo::
  Looop-r released!                                                                              05:2007

Looop-r - a whole new hybrid interface based on the previous Loop-R continued research - has been released and has its own website.
demo coming soon!

::go to Looop-r::
  ThinkTank at ITP Winter Show 2006                                                      11:2006

ThinkTank project was selected to be part of ITP's winter show. Think Tank or "the magic coffee cups that read your mind" is a project created by Rui Pereira, Vaibhav Bhawsar and Eric Beug as their final project for Physical Computing course.

::go to ITP Show::       ::go to ThinkTank Project::
  Variations + Lapop-a-gogo at ITP video screening                                     12:2006

Chul+Rux Variations and Laptop-a-gogo will be part of the final video and animation projects from a number of ITP classes that will be shown at the ITP Video Screening.

::watch Variations::(14Mb)       ::watch Laptop-a-gogo:: (23Mb)
  Musical Instrument for People who can´t Whistle                                        11:2006

rux and his group mates, Ash and Neilson have finnaly developed their first big project at ITP's Physical Computing classes.
Enjoy the video demo of a physicall instrument that promises to make a smile on the face of people who can´t whistle.

::watch demo:: (17Mb)

rux at ITP!                                                                                       08:2006

rux is now a Master's candidate at the Interactive Technology Program at Tisch School of the Arts - NYU, sponsored by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian's Schollarship.
Feel free to browse my experiences and assignments in my back-to-school blog: digital_kitchen.

::go to digital_kitchen::      ::go to ITP::     ::go to FCG::


Loop-R selected for FILE 2006!                                                              06:2006

rux's hardware/software interface for realtime video control has been one of the works selected by FILE 2006 - São Paulo (Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica) in Media Art category.
Loop-R will be presented from 14th august to 3rd September at SESI - São Paulo.

::go to FILE website::

  Popular Soundclash III                                                                         06:2006

visual_basiq. will be performing at Lisboa's best Sto.Antonio's party!
visual_basiq. will be creating mapping video installations and invited some of his good friends to perform along::
mulher-bala(pt) + woei( + vince varga( + visual_basiq.(pt)

::go to Popular Soundclash website::

Live Visuals Interfaces Workshop announced!                                            05:2006

Vj'ing / Live Visuals Interfaces Workshop at Festival de Curtas Metragens de Vila do Conde - Take one! - has been announced!

 ::go to Take One! website::       


Sam Pull's live visuals                                                                     26:05:2006

visual_basiq. will be performing live with his soulmates Sam Pull and Punk C Fish this friday at Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa celebrating its 12th aniversary.
Sam Pull will be presenting the delightfull broken music from Yellow Bop Record's productions at Encontro de Net Labels.

  M.I.V. (Manipulação de Imagem ao Vivo) Workshop                               27:05:2006

visual_basiq. will be lecturing a M.I.V. Workshop at FBAUL.
A one day session directed towards live image manipulation, Sinaestesia, Live Visuals historical background and Hardware and Software demo sessions.
This workshop will be powered by Neuromixer Software.

::go to MIV's site::