TUIST                                                                                                  2008

TUIST (Transformable Uber Interface for STardom) is a musical instrument for people who don't know how to play music but always wanted to be super-stars. Featuring three instruments modes depending on position and multi-track recording and looping TUIST is the ultimate one-man-band performance interface.

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  Velodrum                                                                                              2007

Velodrum is a human-powered sequencer inspired by bycicles, the 'piano mecanique' and the Techno classic Roland 808.

  Looop-r                                                                                                2007

Second prototype version of an hardware-software solution for realtime video control based on Loop-R's initial research. Currently two versions available -VJ and AV. Presented as a fully funtional prototype at ITP Spring Show'07 and NIME'07 (New Instruments for Musical Expression) conference.

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  ThinkTank - magical coffee cups that read your mind                                       2006

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M4PWCW = MAchine for People Who Can't Whistle                                          2006

M4PWCW (vulgo: Machine for People Who Can´t Whistle) is a musical instrument devoted to solve some persons inhabilty to produce sound while blowing air (vulgo: Whistling).


  Loop-R - Real-time Video Control Interface                                                   2004

Started as a conceptual and research final project for FMH's post-graduate degree
in Ergonomics applied to Information Systems Design. An hardware-software hybrid interface for easy and free video-loops control. First functional prototype finished
in 11-2004.

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U C I C - "you see I see"                                                                    06-2003

Communcation and technology conceptual project presented during NTC degree
at UA. The main concept of this project is a multimedia system based on personal experience's sharing. Its objective is to allow everyone the access to first person
real life experiences: see a race through the pilots eyes or enjoy landscapes from
across the planet.