Rux (a.k.a. Rui Pereira), born in 1977: the year Elvis died and Star Wars started (not to mention Philip K. Dick’s book “A scanner darkly” publishing).       

        Since kid, I always loved to break appart and disassemble my electronic toys and my sister’s dolls just to see what magic was inside there that made those toys work and to search for those magical parts that in no time allowed me to build mini-fans with electric engines and other new toys; fair to say that my sisters never forgave me to have broken their dolls…

        Passioned for media and interaction, escapist through music, book lover, tv junky as a kid, 2nd-hand old sci-fi books avid reader, nature lover..

       Rux has just graduated from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts and keeps studying and playing with technology and people. Lately, he has been interested in tools for performance, synaesthesia, non-sense interaction objects and parasites made of code.

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