ITP Spring Show'08 Postcard and Poster                                                      2007

Illustrations created for Petra Farinha's Design and Layout for the ITP - Spring Show'08 graphic pakage including Poster and Postcard. Coded in OpenFrameworks and exported as vector graphics.

~more coming soon!
  PUSH MUSIC POP MUSIC                                                                         2007

Alternative vizualization system for digital music scoring. Developed together with Tim Stutts using C++/OpenFrameworks and Max-MSP software.

  HTTP415=skin                                                                                       2007

HTTP415=SKIN is a parasite piece of code living and feeding itself from skin-colored pixels found in IP camera streams. This program behaves independently from any user input, roamingly freely through the internet. Developed in Java.


Psychbolas                                                                                           2006

Alternative painting/pattern generator program developped in Processing.A very simple piece of code featuring minimal mouse interaction providing a wide range of possible variations.

~more coming soon!


Gala Fungágá                                                                                        2004

Illustration and graphic works for Gala Fungágá, a preview session for Fungágá. Leaflet and DVD artwork.

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::view imgs::  DVD artwork        


Poster - 20 Fev. Lótus Bar                                                                        2004

Poster design for Must b. + Punk C fixe + visual_basiq.'s performance at Lotus Bar.
Design for photocopy replication/distribution.

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  Poster - 10 Jan. ZDB                                                                              2004

Poster design for Essay Collective's session at Galeria Zé dos Bois
Design for photocopy replication/distribution.

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