dual_blur                                                                                started in 2007

Audio-Visual project based on the exploration of daily captured footage and the relationships between synchronous sound and image. dual-blur is also a performance intimately connected both to the interface used (looop-r), the media characteristics and explorative journeys.

::watch dual-blur at EyeWash::(10' = 60MB)

  Alga                                                                                      started in 2005

Alga is visual_basiq. + dj Vivax 's project for an audiovisual set of travelling images and sounds. visual_basiq. uses personal footage from his travels and his city adventures searching for abstract rythms and compositions to get along with Vivax's soundscapes
and minimal techno adventures.

AntiStereoGirl                                                                          started in 2003

visual_basiq., Must b and Punk C Fixe's breakbyte band on Essay Collective.
Exploring software-based visual synthesis as source for 200 bpm uplifting breakbyte triggered visuals. Played at Eurocultured'04(UK), Experimenta Design(PT), Galeria ZDB,(...)

::watch ASG's Moscardo::(5' = 67MB)    ::visit ASG microsite::

  visual_basiq.                                                                           started in 2003

His works reflect his passion for the media limitations -its errors, characteristics and context - and realtime media manipulation. Exploring graphics aesthetics and synthesis
to the simulation and stimulation of digital image's error.

::watch demo-video::(5' = 40MB)

low_res.                                                                                         2001-03

low_res [technicolor.] was all about the search of error and compression aesthetic
in the media sampling/bits manipulation and quick triggering of micro video pieces.
Performed at CBT2002 with Andy C, Optical, Ruffstuff, Tilinhos, Subway and also at the NagNagNag events in Manchester(UK) with Possible Reference; dj?zero; Cartel Communique;...
::watch demo-video::(11' = 51MB)

  rapaz_pixel                                                                                     2000-01

Exploring pop-media imagery: still images from recognized and recognizable in time, Imeadiately assimilated Superstars, logos and products adopted as icons and symbols.
Performed in events such as 1st portuguese International Vj competition-IMAGO2001 and with bands ZEN and Projecto77. Also performed as a dj+vj (media jockey) project at Aveiro's B.A. and OvarVideo-2001.