PingerPanger is an experiment with expressive gestures and interaction with space and multimedia.
As an ongoing research this project intends to create a set of gestures that are simple and direct to the action they represent in order to create interactivity in space.

PingerPanger was selected to be presented at Art && Code 3D Conference at Carnegie Mellon University – Pittsburgh.

The user will be able to create an additional interactive layer to the involving space by creating structures and dynamic bodies from gestures.
Currently the user is able to create two types of objects (both types to be expanded in the future): rigid structuresĀ (functioning as real walls for the virtual objects) and dynamic bodies (which will interact with the rigid structures) and delete these same structures.

The gestures used try to be natural and are based on combinations of triggers with the non-dominant hand and main motions (drawing) with the dominant hand.
At a first try I tried to define the gestures based on different types of cues which trigger the beginning or end of gesture’s and its type: while the non-dominant hand (left in my case) is used as a gesture trigger, sequentially the dominant hand can produce the more expressive gesture – the creative gesture.
(more on this soon!)

some of the basic expression (dominant hand) gestures to create shapes / structures:

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Point and Shout

Point and Shout is a quick sketch exploring Voice Recognition together with Hand and Finger tracking as a base for playful interactions.


PingerPanger is an experiment with expressive gestures and interaction with space and multimedia.

EyeWriter shootEm! game

shoot the monster firing lasers from your eyes!
shootEm! game for the EyeWriter system ( – this is the 1st demo!

wordGaze _app for EyeWriter

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sphere audio-visualizer

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step sequencer

a very simple step sequencer (using Roland 909 soundbanks),

background subtraction with color

‘there’s nothing like beach and palm trees to get your code running!’

whiteboard video sequencer

whiteboard sequencer – inspired by brainstorming meetings and projects and whiteboards

slitscan -classic

very simple and straightforward slitscan -every frame one line will be scanned/captured and displayed thus creating a painting of time.

time brush

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stopmotion animation + zoetrope

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